Buying a Static Caravan

Static Caravans for Sale offers you suggestions of where to buy, maintain and holiday in a static caravan, plus useful tips and important considerations that should be taken into account before making your final decision to purchase. Once you have decided your budget and whether you intend purchasing a new or used static caravan, you can then start to look through the thousands of caravans currently advertised for sale. Used caravans can cost from a few hundred pounds upwards. However expect cheaper caravans to need attention, with painting, plumbing, electrical works and re-carpeting all possible. Buying a static caravan usually involves spending a considerable amount of money. Therefore it is important to make sure you plan ahead and research your potential purchase before viewing it on site. Find out the caravan manufacturer and if there are any known common problems or faults. This could include areas that may be subject to water ingress, like windows or the roof or metalwork that is prone to corrosion. Check the prices of similar static caravans for sale to give you an idea of it’s real value. This should help when negotiating a price with the owner. There are numerous static caravans for sale throughout most areas of the United Kingdom. Obviously if you intend moving your van to a new site then you need to budget for transportation, so buying a caravan close to it’s final destination is likely to reduce your transport costs. If you are looking to purchase a static caravan in a specific area then you can search both sited and un-sited caravans in the most popular locations at the For Sale page. You can also search the most popular static caravan manufacturers too.

A brand new static caravan may start at around £15,000. If you need finance to assist with your purchase, then this is often offered by the company selling the caravan. However before agreeing to a loan, you should also consider your local bank, who may be able to offer you a better interest rate. After all, making the wrong decision may end up costing you a considerable sum of money over the term of the loan.
Your caravan will need to be sited. If you are buying a static caravan off site, you will need to factor in the transport costs to your chosen destination. This can be quite expensive so always get a quotation prior to purchase.
Consider the annual running costs of your caravan. These will include site fees and static caravan insurance, plus possible charges for gas, electricity and parking.